10 Ways To Raise Your Vibration

1) Go outside: Go to the ocean, take a walk in the woods, sit under a tree, have a cup of coffee on the patio. Take in some nature and breathe the air.
2) Laugh!
 Sharing a big laugh is like an energy shower. A hearty laugh relieves physical tension and triggers endorphin release (chemicals in the brain associated with pleasure).
3) Follow through on a task you have been avoiding:
 What a relief it is when we get something done! We may not even realize the underlying stress it causes when we have something hanging over our heads. 
4) Play Music:
 Singing, listening to, and playing uplifting music are fast and easy ways to raise your vibration. Music directly influences your mood. Listening to moving music also causes the brain to release dopamine, which generates feelings of happiness. 
5) Exercise:
 Walk, do yoga, move your body and get the blood flowing. (Another endorphin releaser)
6) Be aware of your thoughts:
 Thoughts carry vibrations. When you catch yourself with negative, complaining thoughts decide to make a shift and focus on beauty and thankfulness. Leave yourself little positive notes to remind you to ‘check in’ with your thought life.
7) Nourish your body: 
Take in food and drink that are organic, fresh, and nourish you. Alcohol and drugs carry low vibrations. 
8) Watch less TV:
 Many shows and commercials lower our vibration with violence, negativity, and consumerism. Try to make some small adjustments to the amount and quality of your TV time.
9) Meditate:
 Consistent meditation practice, even for short times, clears the mind and allows you to connect with your higher power (the highest frequency of love).
10) Practice kindness:
 Helping and blessing others raises your vibration
and spreads the affect to those around you. Give without expecting anything in return.