Community Support

When John and I moved here 3 years ago we never imagined the incredible support we would have from the community. We are often in awe of the encouragement we are given and have such loyal customers and yoga students. This month we did the local market - which was a special one for Braidwood Festival and the annual Quilt Festival and it was our best market ever! We sold 250 tomato/herb pots, 10 bags of muesli, 6 chai, 8 moisturiser bars, 12 shampoo bars, 36 beeswax wraps, soap, 2 jars of bliss balls and we sold out of veggies by 10.30am!

Our amazing community is backing us all the way, we feel very blessed. Prana Produce is not only filled with our Prana, but the Prana of many!