Zoom Classes 2021

All the class times and links will remain the same each week.

Monday 4pm Movement based class

Wednesday 5.30pm Movement based class

Saturday 8am Movement based class

Full Moon and New Moon Monthly Yoga Nidras

Payment details: Christina Jagusiak BSB: 923 100 Acc: 3087 1904

Paypal - [email protected]
The classes will be zoomed live from the face to face classes.
The suggested amount for yoga nidra is $5-$15 and the suggested amount for the movement based classes is $10-$20.

I will leave the payment side of things in your hands, so I don't have to chase people. If you choose to pay a bulk amount (or have already) or individual amounts, you decide whatever works best, the payment details are above.

Any troubles, please let me know. 

Feel free to share this email, the more, the merrier. Let’s come together and create real community and connection. Heartfelt gratitude 🙏🏼