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An ER doctor on how to triage your busy life

The words we use matter and ‘crazy busy’ is a phrase we have all used at some point. But did you know that by simply saying ‘crazy busy’ you’re preparing yourself to not actually be able to handle what is coming your way? You can be busy, without being crazy, and be in ready mode […]

Order and Chaos – the edge

"The most meaningful element in any environmental circumstance is the boundary between the two domains." Chaos and order the balance. A short clip from Jordan Peterson ... really helps broaden the perspective. Hope you like it!

Time for Transformation

For thousands of years, yoga has been a tool to open the mind and body, bringing transformation. At its core, yoga is a process that involves confronting your limits and transcending them. It is a psychophysical approach to life and to self-understanding that can be creatively adapted to the needs of the times. Yoga transforms […]

Be Here Now

You've heard it before. You might have seen (or used!) the hashtag #BeHereNow. Maybe you have a T-shirt with that phrase written on it. Finding moments of pure presence is something we all strive for, isn't it? I'm going to let you in on a secret: "Being fully present" to a yogi isn't the end-goal. […]

Learning to breathe

The manner in which we breathe influences our entire being: every organ, every function of our body, our hormonal, mental and emotional states … everything! In this short video, Louis Jackson walks us through a series of breathing exercises to demonstrate insufficient and proper breathing. Namaste,

Practice for loss and impermanence

Loss. This past month I've witnessed many losses. Loved ones loosing houses, farms, businesses and family members. The fires have striped the landscape bare taking with it countless native animals. There is lots of sadness, heartache and grief. I am reminded that loss is a fact of life. Impermanence is everywhere we look. Different forms of […]


In this talk, Jack Kornfield discusses how to navigate change in relation to the Buddhist concept of impermanence. He touches on the importance of meditation in cultivating a healthier perspective toward change. When we are quiet, we can rest in loving awareness and see our true nature from the heart of understanding. When we accept […]

Your Hearts Desire

Almost every New Year’s resolution starts with two words: “I will.” We summon our willpower and pledge to change not just what we do but who we are. We set goals and imagine how happy we will be when we get what we want. But if there’s one thing yoga teaches us, it’s that there’s […]

Calming the central nervous system

This video is to help calm the CNS. Our CNS is binary meaning it is either in one state or the other. When we are stressed the sympathetic nervous system fires up triggering a fight-or-flight response in an effort to spur the body into action. When we are in this state for a prolonged period […]

Amplifying Gratitude: Three Steps to Happiness Now

Yoga teaches us about the connection of our body and mind. The power of our thoughts, how we see the world and how we view our circumstances often determines the degree to which we’ll enjoy life. I’ve known people who have gone through harrowing circumstances or gotten by on minimal means, yet they lead lives […]

The Secret to being Enough

Take a moment to imagine your most perfect self. Maybe you look different or have a bigger house, but beyond the surface dreams and desires lies the simple desire to be adequate. However these feelings may manifest, we all want to feel like we no longer need to prove ourselves. That we belong. That we’re […]

Immune from Stress

Over the past decade, we have learned how our brains are hardwired for emotional contagion. Emotions spread via a wireless network of mirror neurons, which are tiny parts of the brain that allow us to empathize with others and understand what they’re feeling. When you see someone yawn, mirror neurons can activate, making you yawn, […]

No mud, no lotus. Avoiding spiritual bypass.

This month I shared a yogic myth in class. Before I retell that myth here I’d like to point out that all the stories from this tradition are there to highlight the challenges we face as human beings. They are keys to the human psyche and symbolise how we can move through misperceptions that cause […]

6 ways to SLOW DOWN

Slowing down is radical in this day and age. An age where… …we burn with frustration if a website doesn’t load instantly.…we think taking a nap is a sign of laziness.…we check our email, facebook, twitter 15 times a day.…we eat instant oatmeal for breakfast, frozen meals for lunch, and order takeout for dinner.…we lose […]

In praise of slowness – TED talk

Journalist Carl Honore believes the Western world's emphasis on speed erodes health, productivity and quality of life. But there's a backlash brewing, as everyday people start putting the brakes on their all-too-modern lives. We all know faster is not always better. Being Slow means doing everything at the correct speed: quickly, slowly or whatever pace […]

Embracing Change

“Life is a series of natural and spontaneous changes. Don't resist them; that only creates sorrow. Let reality be reality. Let things flow naturally forward in whatever way they like.”, says the renowned Chinese Philosopher, Lao Tzu. Change is hard and most of us resist any change. Even though change may be beneficial, many of us struggle to change […]

Setting Boundaries

Madeline always prided herself in being "a nice girl." As a child, she was taught that being kind to others was a virtue; she grew up paying special attention to the positive feedback she received for being nice and pleasing others. She derived much of her self-worth from putting the feelings and needs of other people well above her own. At […]

Yin and Yang

A 5 minute clip to explain a little about yin and yang. The Taoists define yin yang as polar energies that fluctuate and interact in constant motion. If you observe the symbol of two curved teardrops, you will see the black (yin) side descending and the white (yang) side ascending. There is an inner circle […]

Bawley Bush Retreat was a blast!

Last month's weekend retreat was incredible. Words cannot explain the utter joy I get from seeing people connect within, create a sense of ease and have so much fun. The yoga, practices, activities, food, accommodation and setting, it was perfect. So perfect in fact, the group suggested I don't advertise the August 2019 retreat as […]

Community Support

When John and I moved here 3 years ago we never imagined the incredible support we would have from the community. We are often in awe of the encouragement we are given and have such loyal customers and yoga students. This month we did the local market - which was a special one for Braidwood […]

Ease into sthira and sukha

Centre. Ease. In Patanjali's Yoga Sutras, Santosha (संतोष) is second of the five Niyamas (self-discipline’s or observances). It refers to a sense of acceptance of how things are. Like these two simple words, it points to a space of contentment. You can also call this ‘home’. It’s our natural habitat. So why does it feel like a challenge […]

Taming Your Wandering Mind

Amishi Jha studies how we pay attention: the process by which our brain decides what's important out of the constant stream of information it receives. Both external distractions (like stress) and internal ones (like mind-wandering) diminish our attention's power, Jha says -- but some simple techniques can boost it. "Pay attention to your attention," Jha […]

10 Ways To Raise Your Vibration

1) Go outside: Go to the ocean, take a walk in the woods, sit under a tree, have a cup of coffee on the patio. Take in some nature and breathe the air. 2) Laugh! Sharing a big laugh is like an energy shower. A hearty laugh relieves physical tension and triggers endorphin release (chemicals in the brain […]

Hens Party Fun (content warning)

I was recently invited to a hens party and I wanted to take an unforgettable gift. We were going out for dinner so I thought, 'I could make a cake.' In alignment with the theme of 'fun' I could make a cake shaped like a penis. I was sure there were pecker cake tins around, […]

Laughter Yoga

If you want to learn how to cultivate happiness, try laugher yoga! < It's out there, seems a little silly but if you let yourself go with it you can have some fun! Namaste,

Easy Dhal

John made dhal at a recent yoga retreat and everyone loved it. So here is the recipe - ingredients 1 cup (210g) red lentils, rinsed well 3cm fresh ginger, sliced 2 tbs (40g) ghee or oil Star anise 2 tsp turmeric 1 tsp cumin seed ½ tsp fennel seed ½ tsp corriander seed ½ - […]

Sthira & Sukha of the Spine

Leslie Kaminoff, world-renowned Yoga Educator, brings Yoga Anatomy to life and in this short video he explains Sthira & Sukha of the Spine. Reminds me how everything is in balance. Effort and Ease has to work together in harmony. When it isn't it create dukha, or suffering. Hope you enjoy it. Namaste,

Life is one big yoga pose: Equal parts effort and ease

Yoga is balance. A fine and tricky balance, to say the least. This balance can provide both calming and grounding energy in addition to giving way to enlightening inspiration and positive change. In order to get to this neutral place, one must play with the delicate dance of opposites… hard and soft, dark and light, […]

Making this retreat the best one EVER!

As many of you know yoga retreats make my heart sing. I love everything about them and I mean everything! I currently run mini yoga retreats in Braidwood once a month - where we explore different topics and delve deeper into practices. John does the cooking, we use as much of our own produce as […]

It’s radical and it works

It has taken me many hours to write this blog post - I have had lots of interruptions. Frustration has been bubbling … if I could just have an hour to myself I would finish it! The Universe had other plans, which on reflection, I can see the beneficial lessons. When I am trying to run […]

Radical Acceptance with Marsha Linehan

It is an empowering discussion about radical acceptance, by the founder herself, hope you enjoy it. What is Radical Acceptance? Radical means all the way, complete and total. It is accepting in your mind, your heart, and your body. It’s when you stop fighting reality, stop throwing tantrums because reality is not the way you […]

Fake it till you make it sutra.

Yoga Sutra 2.33 “Words Don’t Teach, but the Application of Words in Everyday Life Does” Yoga sutra 2.33 (vitarka badhane pratipaksha bhavanam)* vitarka = uncertainty, doubt, questionable badhane = opposing, removal, suspended, annulment pratipaksha = opposition, opposite, adversary bhavanam = thought, manifesting, producing, imagining This is the “Fake it till you make it sutra.” This […]

Fake it til you become it

Body language affects how others see us, but it may also change how we see ourselves. Social psychologist Amy Cuddy argues that "power posing" -- standing in a posture of confidence, even when we don't feel confident -- can boost feelings of confidence, and might have an impact on our chances for success. It is […]

Fake It ‘Til You Make It

For me, authenticity is one of the most important goals of yoga. After all, we come to our mats time and time again to better understand ourselves and learn to accept and love ourselves exactly as we are. Being authentic means you stop trying to hide your faults. You stop trying to change yourself to […]

Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction

A dear friend of mine, Sue Fisher, is running an 8 week participatory, supportive and structured group program for cultivating resilience and easeful well being. As mindfulness and yoga go hand in hand with one another, it is a great opportunity for those local to Braidwood to attend. Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction This is the certified […]

Put on a happy face

This song comes to mind when thinking of Yoga Sutra 2.33 Vitarka badhane pratipaksha bhavanam. When disturbed by negative thoughts, opposite ones should be thought of. Gray skies are gonna clear up, Put on a happy face; Brush off the clouds and cheer up, Put on a happy face. Take off the gloomy mask of […]

Mothers Day

Sending my love and blessings for you to be present to what is ... Mothers Day can bring up many emotions - Mothers who have lost children, those who have lost mothers, those with strained mother relationships, mothers with strained child relationships, those who have chosen not to be mothers, those yearning to be mothers. […]

Getting stuck in the negatives (and how to get unstuck)

Did you know that our minds occupy negative thinking on average around 60-70% of the time? This 10 minute TED talk by psychologist Alison Ledgerwood will explain why we get stuck in negatives and how to get unstuck. The first 6 minutes she shares research but from the 6:21 mark she says that “our view […]

Prioritise Self-care

By practicing self-care, and learning to extend love toward yourself, you begin to cultivate feelings of self-worth, strength, and resiliency, leaving behind self-abuse and harmful coping mechanisms used to mask negative feelings you’ve had about yourself. Loving yourself does not mean you are selfish or self-centred. On the contrary, loving yourself deepens your ability to […]

Exploring emotions – grief

What I know to be true is that emotions once explored, experienced and expressed pass. The word emotion originated from the Latin word 'emovere,' e- (variant of ex-) ‘out’ + movere ‘move’. Broken down e+motion, literally meaning energy in motion. At Samsara's funeral I committed that I would speak to her and about her in […]

Yoga and emotions

“Emotions are our faithful guides, like owls that guide us through the dark night, back home.” Yoga is a conscious path of inner exploration. It is a journey of returning, again and again, to our wholeness. Along the way we meet, again and again, our conditioned self. This is the part of us that is […]

6 steps to Befriending your Emotions

Recognize, acknowledge, name itAs soon as you feel a change in your feeling state recognize and acknowledge it. Name it (See the e-motion and feeling scale above). Process itAnalyze what affected the change in your feeling state. What was the trigger? Did you gain or lose energy? Take note. If the catalyst for a negative […]

Vibration of Emotions

When we feel an emotion, what we are really sensing is the vibration of a particular energy. Think of emotion as the movement of energy – energy in motion. Each emotion has its own vibratory signature. Science and medicine had long been convinced that thoughts and emotions originate in the brain. However, modern research is proving […]

The lady stripped bare

Tracey Spicer strips back her daily routine and challenges us all to use our time more productively. Tracey is a respected journalist who has worked for many years in radio, print and television. Tracey ask the question: Why do we do this to ourselves?" Indeed, why? Women spend, on average, a year and three months […]

Braidwood Times Article

The Braidwood Times recently wrote this article ... Long Locks Get the Chop Christina Jagusiak has spent the past five years waiting for her hair to get long enough to cut off. On Saturday, she plans to shave her head completely.  The local yoga teacher’s 35 centimetre undyed locks will go to charity ‘Hair for […]

First time I ever shaved my head

Many moons ago I was working in finance. Each day I woke up straightened my hair, put on make up, went for a run, had breakfast, showered, redid my hair and make up, put on stylish clothes, high heels and drove to work. Throughout the day I would retouch my hair and make up … […]

Maya’s first steps

It's happening! She is off. Maya has taken her first steps and now there is no stopping her. Thought you'd enjoy to see how proud she is. I am so proud too. Namaste,

Our newest family member

Welcome home Emma! We applied a few months ago for a therapy dog for Kailash and there's a 3 year wait! More and more we are noticing how important early intervention is with children on the spectrum but there seems to be many obstacles and delays in the way. So instead of waiting to try […]

Transition with Awareness & Grace

Here are 6 ways to transition with awareness and grace on your mat and in your life. 1. Get clear. Be Still. You won’t always know where you are going. That’s okay. Too often we forge ahead aimlessly, then wonder why we are letting the wind carry us every which way. So be still. Meditate. Journal. […]

How you transition, changes your life

  We transition dozens if not hundreds of times a day - from the house to outside, home to work, one yoga pose to the next, waking to sleeping etc. Most transitions go unnoticed, but it's the ones we intentionally create and the ones thrust upon us, that are often the most difficult to navigate. […]

Happy Birthday Maya!

Happy Birthday Maya! On 8th November it was Maya Moksha's first birthday. We feel so incredibly blessed to have Maya in our lives. Born at 800 grams and dropping to 713 grams there were many times we feared the worst. This strong and determined little munchkin continued to  Maya spent over 4 months in hospital, […]


Our favourite sourdough Ingredients - for two loaves 200 grams starter 800 grams bakers flour 200 grams wholemeal flour 700 mls luke warm water 20 grams salt mixed with 50 mls water hand full semolina/polenta 1 cup ice cubes Method Combine Ingredients (except salt) Combine luke warm water and starter in a bowl. Add flour […]

Distress Tolerance

‘Distress Tolerance: The Great Mental Health Experiment’ Everyone has those moments when you feel out of control. It's how you deal with it that counts. In this video 'Your Beth Friend' explores things that can help with mental health by testing out some legit ways to focus your mind when you’re freaking out. The fancy […]

Bringing Harmony to Body, Mind & Spirit

‘Bringing Harmony to Body, Mind & Spirit’ In this video, Sri Sri Ravishankarji, discusses about the seven layers of existence, which are Body, Mind, Breath, Intellect, Memory, Ego and Self and how we can keep them in harmony and healthy by practicing Sudarshan Kriya and Yoga. Gurudev throws light on how we can assure rejuvenation […]

Stripping away negative body image

‘Stripping away negative body image’ I love this short clip, I hope you do too ... Studies have shown that the media’s portrayal of women’s bodies has a severely negative impact on the self-image of women and girls. But what about seeing positive images of women? Actor and Burlesque performer Lillian Bustle grew up battling […]

What we focus on gets bigger

We have all heard about the law of attraction, and often in classes I will say, "What we focus on gets bigger," but how does this actually work? Every time we have an experience, the corresponding neurons are activated. Every time they are activated, they are elevated a little in the order of importance. Repeating or prolonging an experience […]

Navigate Change

I am currently going through some big changes. So I wanted to offer some yogic ways that I am using and you to may find helpful to navigate radical change. 1. Know That Change is Inevitable The Buddhist Doctrine of Impermanence, annica, tells us that change is inevitable, continuous, and unavoidable. Everything changes. Just realizing […]

Dealing with Difficult Times in Life

‘Dealing with Difficult Times in Life’ I have been enjoying Brendon Burchard's insights in this freestyle way through videos. To summarize this clip here are some notes - 1. Set Small, Simple Daily Goals. When times are difficult, it’s easy to feel we’ve lost all personal power. So, a simple way to insert agency and progress […]


While obstacles are generally perceived to be outside of us, Patanjali explains in Sutras 1.30 and 1.31 that the only real obstacles lie within us. It’s much easier to look outside of ourselves and find problems with the people, places and things outside of us. Wouldn’t you prefer to find fault in another and avoid […]

Living beyond limits

‘Living beyond limits’ Amy Purdy talks about the power of imagination. She explains how our lives are not determined by what happens to us, but by the choices we make. Imagination allows us to break down borders, to move beyond our circumstances, to create and constantly progress. I hope you enjoy it. Namaste,

A Pep Talk from Kid President to You

‘A Pep Talk from Kid President to You’ We all need a little encouragement every now and then. Kid President, knowing this, has put together this short clip that you can play or share with a friend to give you a kick in the right direction. Take a moment and spread some encouragement. "It's everybody's […]

4 nourishing poses for winter

The following four yoga postures are gentle and nourishing for the cold winter months ahead and will help to support your immune system, gently squeezing toxins from internal organs and lowering stress hormones in the body. With these supportive poses in your pocket, old man winter can bring it on. Recommended props: 1 bolster 1 […]

Benefits of winter yoga

Cold, dark mornings and winter nights are not particularly conducive to encouraging you to roll out your mat and get to your regular yoga class; however, it is perhaps the single most important decision you could make to support your mind and body as you move through the coldest season of the year. Yoga for […]

Kailash helped me break eggshells

‘Kailash Walking on eggshells’ I love getting creative with the photos for my monthly newsletter. This month I saved eggshells for the photo Autumn can bring with it instability and the feeling as though you are walking on egg shells. Kailash started walking a month ago and helped me crush the eggshells! Namaste,

Stop walking on eggshells

To my dear friends on the path, I love Autumn. The leaves changing colour, the waves getting bigger, winds stronger, it truly is the season of transformation. As wonderful as this is, this time of year can bring with it the feeling of restlessness and indecisiveness. According to Ayurveda (sister of yoga), the Vata dosha […]

Walking on Eggshells Experiment

‘Walking on Eggshells’ Can you walk across eggs without cracking them? The phrase “walking on eggshells” is an idiom that is often used to describe a situation in which people must tread lightly around a sensitive topic for fear of offending someone or creating a volatile situation. Literally walking on eggshells would require exceptional caution, […]

Why I taught yoga on my 30th Birthday

As you know I love yoga. It's my passion, devotion, in essence, my life. Yoga brings me great joy and connects me to my Truth. If I could do anything I wanted on my birthday it would be yoga, so of course I ran a half day yoga retreat! I was fortunate to be surrounded […]

Embrace Awkwardness

‘Embrace Awkwardness’ Great short click on embracing awkwardness. Some of my favourite lines are - "I am awkward." "The truth is there is a stigma around awkwardness. We avoid it, we counteract it. It challenges what we see to be acceptable. But it’s one of the most human conditions; awkwardness tells us that we are […]

All it takes is 10 mindful minutes

‘All it takes is 10 mindful minutes’ When is the last time you did absolutely nothing for 10 whole minutes? Not texting, talking or even thinking? Mindfulness expert Andy Puddicombe describes the transformative power of doing just that: Refreshing your mind for 10 minutes a day, simply by being mindful and experiencing the present moment. […]

Four practical ways to make space for rest. 

1. Give yourself a 24-hour break from talking. With so much collective wounding in people—around holding back, not taking up enough space or playing small there, is an insurgence of self-expression occurring for many of us, myself included! We live in a day and age where there are infinite platforms and channels through which to […]

The Science of Happiness

‘The Science of Happiness - If You're Happy and You Know It’ We've all heard it - the more successful you are, the happier you are. But what if it was the opposite? What if being happier, actually made you more successful? Very interesting and worth watching. I hope you enjoy it. Namaste,

Yoga and Happiness

It is almost everyone’s dream to be healthy and happy. However very few people actually achieve this dream. The key to complete happiness is internal. If you think you’re having a bad day try missing one! We are living in a time where so much attention, energy, time, and money is invested into the total […]

Top 10 Resolutions

With the New Year fast approaching, and resolutions floating around, take a moment to clear the mind and focus on setting a new intention. New intentions allow for the setting of attainable and measurable goals, for the mind and body. Here are 5 simple steps that will take you into a happier and healthier New Year. Make a List […]

10 steps to relax over Christmas

1. Breathe On average we breathe 23,040 a day, that equates to 16 breaths a minute. Rarely are we aware of any! Being fully present to your breath is a sure way to relax your mind and bring you out of the christmas chaos. 2. Spend Time in Nature Even five minutes in nature can […]

Bake Yourself Happy

When I first arrived in Braidwood I began working at Dojo's, a beautiful sourdough bakery. The aroma, warmth and comfort that fresh wholesome bread radiates is divine! Today I feel grateful to enjoy bread, or just food in general, without the attachments and drama. For many years I used food to manage my emotions. Whether it […]

Yoga’s Ten Commandments for Happiness

The Yoga Sutras is a key yoga text, written in the 2nd century BC by a sage called Patanjali. It’s the corner stone of modern yoga, but it’s far from being a ‘how to’ manual for doing yoga poses. In fact, Patanjali only gives one instruction for how to do the kind of yoga that […]

The problem with patience

Have you ever encountered a situation in your life where you wanted things to move just a little bit faster? Recently I've noticed that even though I believe and see wisdom in the sayings - "Patience is a virtue." and “All good things come to those who wait." when push comes to shove (i.e. daily life and building a […]

Yoga for Patience

‘Yoga for Patience’ The second attitude that Jon Kabbit Zin recommends we bring to mindfulness is patience. He states that, "Patience is a form of wisdom, it demonstrates that we understand and accept the fact that sometimes things must unfold in their own time." In our yoga practice we can practice patience towards our own […]

The Farm Yogini

Last month I moved to our 20 acre farm; began living in an abode the size of my old bedroom; started cooking, showering and going to the toilet outside in rain, hail and shine; and traded my lululemon pants for an akubra hat, overalls and bunstones. My new title - Christina the farm yogini!  All laughs aside, this month I have been focusing […]