Yoga Retreats

From half day workshops to week long immersions I offer an array of yoga retreats to suit and body and budget! Together we explore different topics and traditions to deepen and enhance our practice of yoga.

Yoga Classes

Weekly classes in Braidwood and fortnightly in Bungendore. Each class is unique and varies in style of movement, breathing practices, meditation and relaxation. The essence is connection within.


Wonderful to have you here. My name is Christina and I love yoga. Why? Because it has so much to offer EveryBody. Yoga is often practiced physically, yet yoga goes far beyond the physical. It affects our mental state - bringing clarity and focus, our emotional state, enabling us to feel, experience and overcome and yoga affects our spiritual state providing the tools to connect within. My duty as a teacher is to share the gifts yoga has to offer, to give opportunities for you to connect to your Truth and uncover your holistic wellbeing.