Experience Inner Calm


6 classes over 3 weeks

Cultivate inner peace, release stress and learn to regulate your central nervous system in this 3 week meditation course.

Every Tuesday and Friday from 6.30-7am the classes will be streamed directly to you from wherever you are, so you can enjoy meditation from the comfort of your bedroom, garden, or even your work desk.

The live recordings will be emailed to you, so if you can't be physically present for the meditation, no problem. You will be able to access and play them whenever it suits. The intention is to support YOU!

Mediation is a vital way to quieten the mind and rejuvenating the body.

It's both a gift and a life skill. Most importantly, it is an experience.

We meditate to get better at life, not to get better at meditation.

Aim of the Course -

  • Learn different ways and styles to meditate.
  • Reduce stress levels and how to keep them low.
  • Experience comfort in stillness.
  • Raise your vibrations to heal.
  • Affirm your priorities
  • Start the day with intention, focus & self-care

Dates -
Tues 9th August, Friday 12th August
Tues 16th August, Friday 19th August
Tues 23rd August, Friday 26th August

Time -

Payment -
$49 for the 6 sessions

YOUR TEACHER - Christina Jagusiak

"Learning, living and teaching yoga is my passion. When I say yoga, I'm referring to it's definition, union. That experience you get when you feel aligned, connected and whole. This is the practice and what I have dedicated my life to. I've been fortunate to live in India, spend years in yoga ashrams and train in many styles and believe that it is through an integration of body, mind and spirit that brings us that holistic well-being of wholeness."